Darren's Coding

Darren's coding

Hi there. I'm Darren, a software architect and full stack software developer.

This is where I write about technologies and concepts that I keep in my problem-solving belt. You will see the things I've been learning, and how I practice my reading and my writing.

You can get started by reading about general concepts.

You can follow that up with reading pragmatic, best practices I've been using.

If you enjoy applying your thinking and knowledge for practical use even outside of software development, then you would enjoy browsing through strategies or my personal blog's mental models list.

What is this website exactly?

You can think of this website as a public notebook, a place where I write down the map of my ideas and current understanding of things. This means that these are draft ideas; very rough. They may not be exact but they have been serving a purpose. Those that remain stand the test of experiments, and those ideas that are thrown away become valuable stories with a lesson to be learned.

A friendly reminder that even the best maps are imperfect. But nonetheless, you are free to see what my map looks like. Feel free to read, reflect, personalize, and contextualize it for yourself. Pick up and play with anything up you like.


If you have a question or want to discuss something, click the Edit on Github button and submit a PR.

Work for Hire

Unfortunately, this website is specifically designed as a learning portal where I write about what I've learned (and continue to learn). If that's what you're looking for, then great!

If you're interested to find my work portfolio ⛰️, this is available in my personal tech blog https://www.sapalo.dev.